ADM Care Support Limited.

Empowering and promoting independence

ADM Care Support Limited provides quality and efficient healthcare and community rehabilitation services for individual who need supported accommodation across Bristol and Southwest England. There is a significant need for quality healthcare and accommodation services within this region, and we believe that by employing competent and experienced staff who are led by a compassionate and responsive management, we can become one of the leading health and social care providers in Bristol and other parts of Southwest England. 

Our Values

ADM Care Support Limited embrace social inclusion and enable recovery that underpin independent living of our service users. We endeavour to provide person-centre care and treatment that must be appropriate and reflect our service users’ needs and preferences. We provide bespoke safe care and treatment in a suitable environment with dignity and respect for our service users, seeking consent before any form of support.

Our staff are suitable, qualified, competent, skilled, and experienced in meeting our service users needs. We also have robust system of facilitating complaints, investigate and taking the appropriate actions. Our systems and processes ensure compliance with the fundamental standards of Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are embraced daily within ADM Care Support Limited.

Mission Statement

The mission of ADM Care Support is to promote mental health and wellbeing through supporting our service users in social inclusion and enabling independent living that builds brighter futures, making positive impact to the society. Working together with the National Health Service (NHS) and local authorities, we offer practical support and care treatment personalised to each individual and their recovery.

Mental health/ Complex needs/ Substance abuse or misuse/ Learning disabilities