ADM Care Support Limited provide tailored support planning, that focus on positive outcomes and celebrating successes and we are on the journey to enable and support recovery by identifying needs, priorities and aspirations and drawing up a mutually agreed written support plan to address issues and areas of concerns.

 We support in developing skills and support networks for living more independently. Also facilitate healthy living and promote the wellbeing of our Service Users by linking service users to local services as appropriate in other to promote social inclusion.

Provide information on community resources, signposting to training and employment opportunities to increase Service user’s abilities to secure independent living. We also support in pre-resettlement work to facilitate a smooth transition to alternative move-on accommodation and independent living.

Engaging in opportunities to develop Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills potential within the house, and wider community. Our support workers also assist Service Users to access support from another agency. We offer 24hrs hour support.

We support individual Service Users with personal care support and enabling social inclusion and encouraging independent living, providing a safe environment and supporting therapeutic activities. Our staff embrace openness and accountability to our Service users by meeting their individual needs.